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AltaGO-Europe is one of the cutting edge sustainable mobility groups in Europe, a partnership of the top professionals in Europe focused on active transportation, smart mobility, and sustainable mobility. We are a mission driven organization: Creating active, healthy communities. The AltaGO-Europe partnership brings together technical experts from Denmark, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, Hungary, and many other countries.

What can AltaGO do for you?

We bring the best international expertise to sustainable mobility projects in any city. The AltaGO-Europe Expert Network is multidisciplinary by nature but always with a strong relation to the sustainable mobility field. We offer four areas of expertise:

  1. Strategic integrated planning
  2. Studies and research
  3. Hardware: design, infrastructure, and facilities
  4. Software: social aspects, promotion, and inclusion
Rotterdam, NL - Partner
Maurits Lopes Cardozo

Maurits is a design and innovation consultant with key experience in development of integrated solutions for bicycle network nodes like bridges, underpasses, and network challenges. He was designer and project manager of many cycling infrastructure projects all over the Netherlands. In 2013, he founded design studio Bike-minded focusing on design consulting for cycling infrastructure and strategic network innovation. Maurits works with the AltaGO-Europe network and the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Denmark - Partner
Marianne Weinreich
Weinreich Mobility

Marianne has 17 years of experience advising cities about sustainable, active mobility policies and promotion. She is an expert in cycling policy, process, and promotion for sustainable and active modes. She is also a certified BYPAD auditor and co-founder and chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. Besides advising cities both in Denmark and internationally Marianne is an experienced speaker and moderator.

Copenhagen - Partner
Niels Hoe
HOE360 Consulting

Niels Hoe has extensive experience and knowledge of cycling, mobility, and public transport. Niels has worked with cycling, sustainable mobility, and urban planning for 15 years with a strong focus on creating high-quality cities. He brings a strong understanding of cycling and how cycling facilities create better places. He has made several notable temporary and permanent cycling projects over the years, from establishing bicycle parking, visual wayfinding system for Cyclesuperhighways, and implementation of bike share system, to various concept and design developments.

United Kingdom - Partner
Brian Deegan

Brian is one of the UK’s leading experts in cycling infrastructure. He was co-author of the London Cycling Design Standards and has written and contributed to many engineering journal papers on the subject of cycling infrastructure. He works for Transport for London ensuring the design quality of London’s £1Billion investment in cycling infrastructure. Brian is an expert in feasibility and design of cycling schemes and is a design engineer and transport planner. His recent publications include: The EU Cycling Strategy (2017) The European Union’s Role in Promoting the Safety of Cycling (2016) Cycling Infrastructure in London (2015) Cycling Cultures (2015) London Cycling Design Standards (2014) Raising the Bar – A review of cycling policies in the European Union (2014) Cities for Cycling (2013) The Science of Cycle Networks (2012) Planning networks for cycling: relevant human factors and design processes (2010).

Italy - Partner
Giulio Senes, PhD

Giulio Senes, Ph.D., is Professor of Greenways Planning and Design in the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) at the University of Milan. He is a founding member of the Italian Greenways Association (Vice-President until 2016), and he is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Greenways Association (EGWA) and president since 2015. He is a member of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture. Giulio is the author of more than 60 papers, among them the Handbook for Greenways Planning and Design (in Italian), and recently “Factors influencing greenways use: Definition of a method for estimation in the Italian context” in the Journal of Transport Geography (2017). He has participated in numerous greenway projects in Italy and specializes in abandoned railway lines and rails-to-trails.

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