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Alta Global Operations Europe

Rotterdam, NL - Netherlands Studio Director
Maurits Lopes Cardozo
+31 6 2950 7735

Maurits is dedicated to developing bicycle mobility in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2005, he has designed and helped realize a wide range of bicycle infrastructure: (movable) bridges, underpasses, and bicycle routes. He has experience in development of integrated sustainable solutions together with stakeholders, focusing on added user value and integrated functionality. Maurits works on feasibility studies for infrastructure, strategic innovation, research, and co-creation projects with various public and private clients. In 2016, Maurits joined forces with the Dutch Cycling Embassy as a Cycling Expert to share cycling knowledge and inspiration with a worldwide audience. He wants to enable a more sustainable, healthy and active lifestyle for people, by advocating for enabling conditions and more space for cyclists and pedestrians in cities to help the transition towards active mobility and better livable cities.

Rotterdam, NL - Planner
Justin Hyatt
+31 6 262 44702

Justin is experienced in the field of sustainable transportation and dedicated to delivering solutions for cities that seek greater environmental, social and economical sustainability. He brings 15 years of experience in managing projects, starting local initiatives, supporting programs, preparing publications, and delivering workshops and speaking engagements. Justin's expertise is closely linked to his passion—making cities work better, supporting community resilience, getting more people on bicycles, creating beautiful and functional public space, and bringing both an ecological and a human dimension to planning.