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Over the last 20 years, Alta Planning + Design, Inc. has evolved into the largest consultancy in North America focused exclusively on addressing the issues of environmental sustainability, public health, and congestion through sustainable transport and recreation solutions. Alta Global Operations, Inc. (AltaGO) was formed by Alta Planning + Design to deliver the Alta mobility solutions to the international market. AltaGO brings together the best minds from around the world, delivering sustainable solutions that will result in healthier communities, economies, and lives.

AltaGO’s experience leading pedestrian and bicycle studies and design projects worldwide puts us at the forefront of creating more walking and cycling-friendly neighbourhoods. Our active transport planners, designers, and engineers offer assistance on bicycle and pedestrian master plans, safety studies, multi-modal corridors, tourism and travel plans, bike share, transit station access, and cycle parking assessments. We have planned and designed thousands of kilometres of pathways and cycleways that provide for safe and efficient transport, offer scenic recreation and leisure, create attractive public spaces, improve mobility for people of all ages, and result in communities that are connected, sustainable, and give residents the highest quality of life.

Michael G. Jones
+1 (415) 482-8660

Michael Jones is the founder of Alta Planning + Design, and is recognized as one of the top experts in the world in the areas of bicycle, pedestrian, and trail planning and design. He has managed more than 1,000 studies since 1985, ranging from major national, state, and regional plans to corridor studies to plans for small towns. Michael is has developed innovative methodologies and models for topics such as bicycle demand, bike share, GIS-linked roadway suitability, and shared-use parking. He has presented to and been published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the American Planning Association, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

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