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Meet Tihomir Dakić of Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Justin Hyatt

Justin Hyatt sat down for a chat with Tihomir Dakić, AltaGO-Europe expert from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


JH: What does your typical workday look like?

TD: As an active citizen, activist, project manager and member of an environmental organization (Center for Environment) my daily life consists of advocating, above everything else, on changing human behavior. For instance, when I ride to a meeting on my bicycle, people sometimes try to tell me that I shouldn’t come to meetings by bike, but I still do it. While I am doing it, I see how people are changing their attitudes towards when, how, and why we use a bike or walk, when it seems like no one else does. As someone who communicates quite a lot with people as well as with different stakeholders and a whole range of decision-makers, I have a wide picture of how to change the things around us. Working with media is one of my regular tasks as well as cooperation and helping other organizations. Continue reading