Logo Usage

The Alta Planning + Design logo should be used consistently to project a distinctive brand identity. Do not alter in any way.

Clear Space

To help the logo tell its story most effectively, a buffer of clear space must be maintained around the Alta Planning + Design logo. Do not use the logo in close association with text elements or in the context of a headline or copy, or near other graphics.

A unit of space equivalent to the height of the box should be maintained so the logo has enough clear space. See diagram below.

Minimum Size

To ensure readability, do not use any versions of the logo at a size smaller than 0.5” in width, and only use the black or red (positive) logo version at that size.

Do not use the reverse logo in a box version at a size smaller than 1.0” in width.


Color is a primary means of visual identification. Below is the designated color for the Alta Planning + Design logo. Do not apply unapproved colors to the logo.

Alta Red:
RGB 184/34/51
CMYK 19/99/85/10
Pantone 187
Hex #B82233

Acceptable Uses

There are 3 approved types and uses for the Alta Planning + Design logo.

The preferred version to use is the “Reverse Logo in Box”

Do not apply unapproved colors to the logo.

Unacceptable Uses

Any alterations in design vocabulary or alterations of visual elements will impact the clarity and effectiveness of the logo. Therefore, no other configurations or any variations of the logo are permitted under any circumstances.

Here are a few examples of typical logo violations. They are meant to be representative, however, and do not encompass all possible cases.



Alternate Logos:

White Transparent: PNG
Red only: PNG | JPG
Grayscale: PNG