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Tihomir Dakić

Tihomir has been a member of the Center of Environment since 2001, first as a volunteer, then as an advocate, and in the last couple of years, working as the Transport Program Coordinator. Most of his time, Tihomir is working on promotion of cycling as a means of transportation, demanding more rights for cyclists in the transport system in Banja Luka as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by suggesting changes of policy and urban plans. His philosophy of life is cycling. He was investigating green routes in his city and country and is now working on developing concepts for the EuroVelo Sava cycling route. He likes to work with media and filmmakers to reach as many individuals as possible in order to change their habits concerning mobility. As member of several European networks (European Mobility Week, EuroVelo, European Cyclists Federation and Transport & Environment), he promotes best practices transfer within and beyond his environment. Tihmor graduated from the University of Banja Luka, Bosnia, and is a professor of Physical Education and Sports. He speaks English and Italian.