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Prague, CZ - Partner
Daniel Mourek
Environmental Partnership Association

For more than 15 years, Daniel has been active as the Central and East European Greenways coordinator at the Czech Environmental Partnership Association (EPA) in Nadace Partnerství, Prague. He served for four years as the Vice President of the European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) and represents EPA as a steering committee member of the European Greenways Association. Currently, Daniel is also a EuroVelo council member at the ECF. On a national level, he is coordinating long distance greenways and EuroVelo routes (such as Elbe Trail, Iron Curtain Trail, and Prague-Vienna Greenways) in the Czech Republic. On a local level, Daniel is a member of the Prague cycling committee. Daniel's background is in sustainable tourism development. He studied at the Prague School of Economics (tourism) and University of Berne (sustainable tourism development). His professional career has involved working for the national tourism authority, Czech Tourism, as well as for Thomas Cook before joining the NGO sector at EPA in 2000. He has been an active cycling advocate and promoter of sustainable transport and travel.

Prague, CZ - Partner
Tomaš Cach
+420 739 425 891

Tomaš Cach is a transport urbanist specialized in bicycle transportation. He prepares transportation and town-planning projects, thematic and educational materials, and also delivers workshops and organizes conferences. He primarily deals with conceptual activities focused on the infrastructure, legislation, safety and public education, including international cooperation and transferring cycling know-how to the Czech Republic. His contributions to bicycle infrastructure in Prague included pilot integration measures, implemented from 2007 onwards. Between 2009 and 2012 he developed the bicycle transport integration concept and methodology for Prague.