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Finland - Partner
Timo Perälä
CEO of Navico Ltd and President of the Winter Cycling Federation

Timo's mission is to make cities and the people in them healthier and happier. His experience ranges from urban design, traffic planning, and municipal procurement procedures to coaching sport and wellbeing technology. Timo's expertise with Intelligent Transportation Systems and smart mobility gives him a broad and fresh view on how to develop our cities as well as different organizations, systems, and procedures within. Timo is also specialized in projects regarding promotion of smart mobility. One of his main and long-lasting projects, since 2013, is working as the smart mobility coordinator for the Oulu Region. In addition to his multidisciplinary projects at Navico Ltd, Timo also acts as the chairman for the Finnish Cycling Embassy and Winter Cycling Federation that he established after organizing the first Winter Cycling Congress in Oulu, 2013. The values of Navico Ltd presents also is own in life; easy going and “fair game” kind of atmosphere, creative madness, and better work environment. Major drivers for him, in his personal and professional life, is a “go for it” mentality and to do things “not always by the book." For Timo, the everlasting hunger for learning new skills is an important source of energy.