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Brian Deegan

Brian is one of the UK’s leading experts in cycling infrastructure. He was co-author of the London Cycling Design Standards and has written and contributed to many engineering journal papers on the subject of cycling infrastructure. He works for Transport for London ensuring the design quality of London’s £1Billion investment in cycling infrastructure. Brian is an expert in feasibility and design of cycling schemes and is a design engineer and transport planner. His recent publications include: The EU Cycling Strategy (2017) The European Union’s Role in Promoting the Safety of Cycling (2016) Cycling Infrastructure in London (2015) Cycling Cultures (2015) London Cycling Design Standards (2014) Raising the Bar – A review of cycling policies in the European Union (2014) Cities for Cycling (2013) The Science of Cycle Networks (2012) Planning networks for cycling: relevant human factors and design processes (2010).