Jul 1

Join us in August for the 2020 APBP Webinar Series

Join us on Wednesday, August 19 for APBP‘s Professional Development Webinar Series. These one-hour webinars provide concise, thorough information on state-of-the-art topics. An unlimited number of people may attend at one site, and most presentations offer credit for professional certification.

Transit Station Connectivity: How to Get it Done!

August 19 | 3pm ET | Register

This webinar will cover: a review of principles for integrating walking and cycling with major transit stations (BRT, LRT, commuter rail); examples of successful integration in Ottawa, Charlotte, and Atlanta; and an overview of a process for identifying connectivity gaps to stations for people walking and cycling; and how municipal government can establish an organizational process to close gaps. You can find more information about the webinar series here.

Matt Pinder, Alta Planning + Design
Marc Magierowicz, Comtech Group
Jason Lawrence, Charlotte Area Transit System
Kat Maines, Alta Planning + Design