Sep 22

Toronto Centre for Active Transportation – Complete Streets Forum

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Join Alta on October 6th for the Toronto Complete Streets Forum, an influential event that brings together hundreds of professionals, decision-makers and community members. Alta Principal, Gavin Davidson, will be presenting at 3:15 pm “How Canadian Design Guidance is Rapidly Evolving to Integrate Best Practices in Complete Streets Design.”

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Urban form in Canadian cities is often biased toward access and mobility for private automobiles. In its work throughout Canada and the United States, Alta Planning + Design is developing design guidance that addresses this imbalance by providing a broad range of design options to better accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and goods movement. Design guidance developed by Alta is intuitive, attractive and user friendly. It includes interactive and comprehensive tools that allow planners and engineers working within project development to efficiently perform a range of tasks from preparing strategies, concepts and plans to developing materials for public outreach and responding effectively to requests made by stakeholders and community members.

The adoption of Complete Streets designs and design guidance is growing in Canada. While these initiatives are not always introduced under the guise of Complete Streets, they have a similar result, providing comfortable, safe and attractive options that better meet the needs of road users. The following examples of Alta’s work in Complete Streets design guidance will be used to highlight the transition toward Complete Streets that is occurring in Canada:

  • Adoption of designs and design guidance from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Bikeway Design Guide
  • Development of complete street design guidance by municipal governments, using Edmonton as an example
  • Updates occurring to Transportation Association of Canada’s Geometric Design Guide