Feb 27

Urbanism Next 2018

Advances in technology such as the advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs), the rise of E-commerce, and the proliferation of the sharing economy are having profound effects not only on how we live, move, and spend our time in cities, but also increasingly on urban form and development. While there has been a focused effort on research around the technological aspects of AVs, there has been a shortage of systematic exploration of the secondary effects on city development, form, and design, and the implications for sustainability, resiliency, equity, cost, and general livability. The first annual Urbanism Next conference will bring together leaders from around the country to build a national network of thought leaders from the private sector, public sector, and academia to address these topics. The conference will explore five major themes of how technology related to AVs, the sharing economy, and E-commerce will change our communities: Land Use, Design, Policy, Labor, and Finance.

Alta’s New Mobility Group will be participating in panels and workshops during the conference, including “What Happens Next: Professionals” and “Scenario Planning for an Uncertain Future”.

Alta Speakers:

  • Lisa Nisenson, New Mobility Technical Advisor – Workshop Moderator, “Scenario Planning for an Uncertain Future”
  • Jean Crowther, AICP, Senior Planning Associate – Workshop Speaker, “Scenario Planning for an Uncertain Future”
  • Mary Stewart, PLA, Senior Design Associate – Panel Speaker, “What Happens Next: Professionals”

Read Alta’s white paper “Preparing for New Mobility: Writing Effective Resolutions.”