Our people make the difference.

Abigail Bokman

Abigail’s  career is a blend of technical writing and landscape design that led me to AEC marketing. She appreciates the spaces between, negative space. Abigail recently led the marketing efforts for architecture firms designing projects with Mass timber, Net Zero, and Core Green all critical for resilient communities. She is excited to work for a firm that helps to complete the story on how people get to and around these buildings, getting them to their destinations safely in their various abilities and mobilities.

“I ride to work every day and appreciate all the work done in this city to make getting to work easy and safe by bike. Bike commuting is a great joy enabling me to clear my mind on my way to work, and again on my way home. There’s always something new to see when riding over the river (high water, low water, sunning cormorants, hungry bald eagles, etc.) keeping me connected to the seasonal change. On the off times, I’m gardening, forest bathing, walking my dog, Betty White, and parenting two great kids.”