Caroline Crisp

I am inspired by the young students I get to work with through my Safe Routes to School projects. Seeing the confidence and joy they experience when commuting to school for the first time is so special to me. I love to be apart of their journey in becoming confident, capable and independent humans.


Originally from Southern California, Caroline holds a BA in Decolonial and Feminist Philosophy from the University of Oregon and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University. Before Graduate school, Caroline worked as a bicycle safety educator specializing in teaching children, women, and the LGBTQIA+3 community the joys of cycling and the safest routes in Portland. At The Street Trust and Community Cycling Center, they began their career as a bicycle safety educator and learned the necessity of inclusive design and all ages and abilities infrastructure. During Graduate school, Caroline interned with the Oregon Department of Transportation’s researching and writing “Promising Practices: Developing and Mirroring Equitable Work in ODOT’s Region 2”, which centered the IAP2 framework on equitable outreach practices. At Alta, Caroline is an accessible transportation planner that understands the necessity of stepping up and stepping back in order to help tackle issues of inequity in working towards a greener future for everyone.

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