Chester Harvey

Active transportation is ubiquitous in our everyday lives, providing intermediary connections between almost everything we do, and yet it receives little attention compared with motorized modes. I bring advanced analytics that are common in planning for cars and transit—demand modeling, systemic safety analysis, integrated land use and transportation modeling—to bear for planning transportation spaces that are safe, comfortable, and convenient for walkers and bicyclists.


Chester Harvey is an interdisciplinarian with expertise in transportation, urban design, computational social science, and data visualization. He has more than a decade of experience in spatial analytics practice and research and is a founding member of Alta’s data science team, where he develops Python tools that reduce barriers to advanced analytics and also leads customized analyses that leverage cutting-edge research. Alongside his work at Alta, Chester is a PhD Candidate in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, where his research investigates how streetscape design can be integrated into frameworks for walkability and pedestrian activity modeling. Around the edges, he spends as much time as he can in the kitchen, woodshop, and skiing/hiking/biking in the Colorado mountains.