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Elizabeth Yarnall

Elizabeth is a Senior Planner in the Atlanta office. She provides planning recommendations based on both highly technical data and public opinion. Her training in public health and work experience in life sciences economic development allows her to view projects from a multidisciplinary angle.

In recent years, Elizabeth has contributed to traffic engineering and planning projects in Atlanta with forecasts, origin-destination studies, traffic calming recommendations, comprehensive transportation plans, environmental studies and Georgia Safe Routes to School infrastructure analysis and recommendations. Her skills include data collection, spatial analysis, plan composition, and public outreach; her passion for planning lies in promoting healthier, more vibrant, sustainable communities through active travel.

Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree in public health and a master’s degree in city and regional planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An avid park-lover, you can often find Elizabeth outdoors with her husband and daughter: riding bikes, kicking a soccer ball or having a picnic.

“The beauty and wonder of nature inspires me, my family grounds me and my heart drives me to create communities where we can live more harmoniously with each other and the environment. Active travel plays a big role in this mission: why not get some exercise, get inspired by nature and architectural design, and get somewhere, all in the same trip?”

  • Registrations + Affiliations
    • American Planners Association
    • Institute of Transportation Engineers