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Emma Katz, EIT

Emma is an Engineer who has made significant contributions to a variety of engineering and planning projects since they began at Alta. They’re passionate about accessible and environmentally friendly transportation and have been able to apply those passions in the work they’ve done, designing ADA compliant curb ramps, producing complete streets signing and striping plans, performing signal analyses for potential road diets, and completing Safe Routes to School plans. Prior to Alta, Emma traveled throughout Asia and South America, taking in the diversity of transportation people use throughout these regions. Emma’s cooperative learning experience at Northeastern allowed them to work professionally in the Boston area for about two years while completing a comprehensive and collaborative senior year project. This provided a strong foundation to begin a career at Alta and in the world of active transportation.

“I believe access to transportation is a basic human right and, as transportation professionals, we have the opportunity to ensure more communities have access to reliable, accessible, and equitable transportation. I hope to use my career, and our work at Alta, to expand this right among the communities we work in.”

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