Erin David headshot

Erin David, AICP

Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, I was lucky enough to experience the strong sense of community and pride those committed to safe, active transportation embody. Working with and commuting alongside these individuals daily inspired me to find my own passion for biking and walking. Already committed to the ways in which the planning profession can impact our communities in positive ways, my interest now focuses on the role of mobility in creating healthier, more equitable cities for all. Living out my dream of daily life without a car in Seattle, I feel very fortunate to be a part of a team that shares these passions!


Erin’s passion for planning stems from the ways the profession can impact communities through contributing to place, providing mobility options, and addressing issues of social equity. She brings skills in research, GIS, and community outreach and education along with a strong passion for biking and walking. Erin is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Master of Planning program.