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Isooda Niroomand

Isooda is a passionate planner and an active transportation enthusiast with experience in urban planning and active transportation planning and design. Prior to Alta, She worked as the program manager of the School Travel Planning Program at Green Communities Canada. In partnership with Vision Zero and School Boards in Toronto, Isooda facilitated the communication between school committees, community members, City staff, School Boards and other responsible stakeholders to improve existing infrastructure for safe and active school travel. Isooda views planning and design through a human-centered lens and believes the answer to more empowered communities is in using inclusive planning and design processes and meaningful engagement.

“The way our built environment is planned and designed heavily influences our daily lives and decision making process when it comes to travel. I moved to Canada in 2017 and ever since, active transportation has become an increasingly important part of my life. I am motivated to help create a safe, comfortable, and stress free environment in which everyone can choose active transportation for their travels.”