Jennifer Bartlett

  • Senior Planning Associate
  • Based In Denver

I have always loved to ride my bike and walk and got into planning to help create people-friendly places. When I realized I could help communities develop multi-modal plans and spaces, I knew I had found my thing! There is something so amazing about knowing that the work I do can enable transportation choice, encourage healthier lifestyles and provide safer environments for all modes.


Jennifer is a certified Planner based in Denver who has worked on all aspects of bicycle and pedestrian planning and safety studies, as well as multi-modal long range transportation plans. She is passionate about creating safe and convenient opportunities for people walking and biking by helping communities develop complete and equitable transportation networks. Jennifer has played a key role in small- and large-scale bicycle and pedestrian master plans and Complete Street studies, developed recommendations to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety, worked on multi-use trail feasibility studies, managed projects, and worked with a variety of stakeholders and user groups. Jennifer is also an avid bicyclist and transit user.

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