Jessica Roberts, TDM-CP

My job is to help people get out of their cars so they can enjoy the many benefits of active and shared transportation. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one of the most important challenges facing our towns and cities today, and I and my team are up for the challenge. We have designed, managed, and implemented hundreds of programs and campaigns over the last decade. We serve our clients by giving them benefit of this experience through proven strategies and efficient delivery. At the same time, we are constantly seeking new partners, new research-backed guidance, and new strategies for creating more efficient and effective programs. Please get in touch - I’d love to discuss how we can transform the lives of people in your community through outreach, education, media campaigns, and Transportation Demand Management programs.


Jessica has devoted her career to creating human-friendly communities since 2000, and she has been a part of the Alta team since 2006. She manages programs and projects around the country that help people drive less often, and walk and bicycle more often. She specializes in education, promotion, and marketing programs, including SmartTrips (individualized marketing) programs, Safe Routes to School programs, and Transportation Demand Management. Jessica has written grant applications that have resulted in over $23 million in grant awards for clients. She and her family enjoy bicycling, walking, and taking transit together as part of their car-free lifestyle.

I seek out Jessica’s advice and expertise – her creativity, innovative thinking, problem solving, and solid experience have been invaluable. When I refer towns and cities to Jessica, I know that she will craft a culturally-appropriate campaign that they can learn and build upon after her team is done.”

– Linda Ginenthal, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Jessica Roberts is by far one of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals I know promoting biking, walking and transit. I see Jessica as a leading expert in the transportation field – she knows how to develop smart, effective programs that inspire people to change their transportation habits.

Maggie Melin, Active Transportation Alliance

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