Our People Make the Difference


Joe Gilpin

  • Principal
  • Based In Tuscaloosa

I would venture to guess that for most people, their first true feeling of limitless freedom was when they rode a bicycle for the first time. That feeling stayed with me through life every time I ride by bike and somehow I've turned it into my career. Being part of a movement that reminds people of this freedom and develops the resources and facilities to spread this feeling around to many more is extremely rewarding. Being part of Alta is being on the leading edge of bicycle and pedestrian innovation, I can see into the future, and the future is bright.


Joe Gilpin is one of Alta’s experts in bicycle facility design and has worked both as a project designer on numerous projects and as a planner analyzing network connectivity and corridor planning. Joe was the project manager for the first two editions of the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, a pioneering document that provides the first detailed design guidance for protected bikeways in North America. Joe leads Alta’s engineering practice including leadership and quality control of bikeway and complete streets projects nationwide. Joe provides urban and rural technical trainings nationwide for bicycle and pedestrian facility design and manages projects in the Rocky Mountain States including Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho.