Lydia Kenselaar, ASLA

It's all about connections between people and place. What you experience when you step out your front door has such an impact on how you feel, relate to others, and the way you engage with the environment around you. I get to play a part in shaping that experience of place and movement through a community or along a trail, and it's a real honor to be entrusted with that responsibility.


Lydia co-leads Alta’s Sustainability Service Area and is an experienced project manager. Her projects focus on resilient and climate-responsive design, placemaking, and the integration of green infrastructure into streets and trails. Her grant writing expertise has won tens of millions of dollars in funding for communities to expand and improve their bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Lydia’s background in fine art grounds her landscape practice and informs her approach to design. She is passionate about art, ecology, and the dynamic ways in which the two intersect in the built environment.