Mack Drzayich

I'm a firm believer that how we get from place to place has a profound impact on our quality and enjoyment of life. I've found great pleasure in being able to walk to the park with my family and bike to work. It's the simplicity and richness of these experiences that inspire me in my work with Alta to help communities achieve a greater sense of place and livability.


Mack is a designer with a passion for urban placemaking and active living. His goal is to connect communities through vibrant public spaces and streets designed for people. From his work prior to Alta, Mack brings experience in both the private and public sectors as an urban designer on projects ranging from adaptive reuse and mixed-use development to open space and active transportation design. His skills and areas of interest include conceptual design, implementation drawings, spatial analysis, public engagement, and graphic communication. Mack obtained a Bachelor in Landscape Management from Brigham Young University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University.