Samantha Hernandez

Growing up in Los Angeles, I've always thought that you needed a car to go anywhere. The more I was stuck in traffic, the more I started contemplating the redesign of city infrastructure. The impact active transportation can have on public spaces is critical to the physical and mental well-being for people. Being able to make these spaces a possibility makes everyday something to anticipate.


Samantha is a fourth year undergrad landscape architecture student attending California Polytechnic University of Pomona. She was previously a landscape intern at CCA where she learned the fundamentals of working in a firm. Her passion is to serve people with designs that have purpose and reason behind them, and she was recently awarded the Bobby Brooks Studio Award for Best Team and Design. She serves as Vice President for The ASLA Student Chapter at Cal Poly Pomona, fulfilling executive duties and overseeing decisions that provide students with opportunities to improve their skills and experience the professional world of landscape architecture.