Sean Carter

Traveling by bike is the best way to experience a city from the perspectives of speed, scale, and efficiency. It is my personal response to our global climate crisis. With Alta I am able to put my passion for cycling and active transportation into practice by re-allocating space on our streets to better incorporate the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, and trees.


Sean is a landscape designer with experience designing and providing graphic production services and construction drawings for a wide variety of project types, from institutional and commercial to trails and streetscapes. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from U.C.S.B. and a Certificate in Landscape Architecture from U.C.L.A. Extension. His background in natural science and horticulture informs his approach to design and placemaking. He is passionate about active transportation, ecology, and the dynamic ways they can be woven into the landscape. Prior to his career as a designer, Sean spent seven years as a business manager in the outdoor apparel industry. This experience has given him a keen sense for managing projects and business relationships alike.