Ted Heyd, AICP

Self sufficiency, self-reliance, and strong, healthy communities are more possible when a variety of transportation options exist. How we move affects who we are and what we can become. Our everyday ability to walk, bike, take transit or drive directly affects our quality of life and is central to the key challenges and opportunities before us: environmental, social, and economic.


Ted offers 17 years of experience transportation planning including policy analysis, facility design, multi-disciplinary team building, research, writing, and public speaking. He is an experienced project manager who excels at guiding collaborative teams, and developing and overseeing budgets, schedules, work plans and quality control. Ted has successfully managed or supported a variety of transportation planning projects, including bicycle and pedestrian plans, transit system expansions, transit-oriented development strategies, and trail improvements. His extensive network of professional contacts include local, regional and agency staff, elected officials, transportation consultants, and multi-modal advocates. Ted has a passion for building winning partnerships with his clients to advance active transportation throughout the Denver region and Colorado.