Our people make the difference.

Zane Taylor

Zane has been working with the web for over a decade as both a developer and a production team leader. With a background in photography and design, his approach is always design-conscious and he specializes in user interface and front-end development. Before joining Alta, his career was built in creative agencies, where he developed a breadth of hands-on experience with a wide array of clients, projects, and creative teams. He’s proudest of his design and development work with organizations like the Community Cycling Center, The Library Foundation, and the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation.

“I’ve always enjoyed biking recreationally, but moving from the semi-urban Midwest to the progressively bike and transit friendly West Coast brought home the immense practical impact of Alta’s work. I believe the web as a platform achieves its potential only when it’s in service of the public good, and I’m thrilled to do work at Alta that seeks to enhance and enrich that connection.”