projectAl Gharbia Physical Framework Master Plans

Alta worked with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and a broad consultant team to develop 20-year master plans for the communities of Liwa, Mirfa, and Ruwais in the Al Gharbia region of the United Arab Emirates. Alta’s specific role included developing Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans for each community under study.

The Al Gharbia Physical Framework Master Plans present short- and long-term projects, programs, and policies to guide development and redevelopment in several communities through the year 2030. Although the communities under study are relatively small in size, populations in these areas are expected to rise to as high as 130,000 in the next two decades.

This effort involved conducting extensive field work to assess existing conditions and identify potential opportunities and constraints. Through a series of on-site workshops and charrettes, Alta collaborated closely with project partners and the Urban Planning Council to develop an extensive non-motorized transportation network for each community. The proposed system responds to the unique characteristics of the region and each community including climate, user demographics, and recreational opportunities.

Each Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan presents a detailed series of infrastructure and program recommendations, in addition to bicycle and pedestrian design guidelines based on best practices throughout the world. The Master Plans also provide recommended policies, regulations, and other institutional elements to further guide Master Plan implementation.

Client: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Location: United Arab Emirates
Duration: 2010