projectVictoria’s All Ages and Abilities Bicycle Network

As part of an international consulting team, Alta Planning + Design had a lead role in the design of a comprehensive network of All Ages and Abilities (AAA) bikeways to serve downtown Victoria and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Alta led detailed conceptual designs for a number of constrained and challenging local, collector and arterial roadway connections within the network. Alta’s conceptual designs are drawn to scale and which emphasize that each route is feasible to construct and operate.

Alta’s role was to identify and assess routing options using a number of GIS based analytical tools, including:

Cycling Potential – to highlight areas that have the greatest potential to increase cycling at the least cost, given consideration of land use, connectivity of the road network, topography, and prevalence of existing bikeway facilities

Gap Analysis – to assess network gaps and whether residents and employment sites are within a reasonable distance of the network

Destination and Activity Analysis – to analyze population, employment and activity levels along proposed corridors as a means to assess routing options

Equity Analysis – to highlight the neighbourhoods that are economically challenged and likely to benefit from increased transportation options and a safer network

Level of Traffic Stress – to consider street width, traffic volumes, speeds and conflicting movements to assess and compare the viability and practicality of establishing bicycle facilities on a particular roadway.

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Client: City of Victoria
Location: Canada
Duration: 2014-2015