The Abu Dhabi Pedestrian Safety Action Plan was developed in response to the high rate of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, where pedestrians represent 30% of all traffic fatalities. The action plan identifies obstacles to pedestrian safety and mobility and provides solutions for improving conditions for pedestrians throughout the emirate, from residential neighborhoods to dense urban centers to rural settlements.

Alta gathered and reviewed existing policies, standards and plans, assessed existing transportation and pedestrian infrastructure, and analyzed police crash data to identify trends in pedestrian injuries and fatalities and identify high crash locations throughout the emirate.  Alta then performed an extensive review of international best practices for pedestrian safety which identified engineering, enforcement, and educational techniques for improving pedestrian safety in both an urban and rural environment. The Abu Dhabi Pedestrian Safety Action Plan sets forth a multi-pronged strategy for improving pedestrian safety throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It identifies a comprehensive set of strategies that include engineering, education, enforcement and evaluation actions as well as strategies to improve inter-agency coordination. A detailed implementation plan identifies the budgetary needs of implementing the strategies recommended in the plan over a three-year period.