Alta is leading a multidisciplinary team to help the City define a multifaceted program to address roadway safety issues through a Vision Zero lens, design site-specific improvements, and grow public support for the City’s approach to making Bend “Safer by Design."

Alta is providing planning, engineering, and community outreach support to the City of Bend’s program to improve conditions for walking and bicycling. From 2006-2010, Bend had more fatal crashes than three comparison cities in Oregon. Now, the City is committed to improving the health and safety of the community by improving conditions for all roadway users along the most dangerous corridors and at the intersections with the highest crash rates.

Alta is leading a multidisciplinary team, integrating seamlessly with engineers to meet the needs of City staff over a multi-year process from planning through implementation. During Phase 1, Alta developed conceptual plans and preliminary designs for three high crash corridors, and four intersections with high rates of crashes involving people biking.  Alta created a public education campaign to build community support for pedestrian safety projects and initiatives. Alta also assisted the City with demonstration projects around downtown Bend, including a pop-up separated bike lane installation that coincided with a First Friday event.

For Phase 2 of the project, Alta is collaborating with engineering subconsultants to create construction documents and implement safety countermeasure projects at 10 locations.