In addition to laying out a long-term vision, the Bicycle Master Plan contains a detailed phasing plan, including concept designs for trails and bicycle boulevards targeted for near-term implementation. Education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation and equity measures complement the infrastructure enhancements to create a well-rounded Plan.

The process included extensive data collection, public outreach, and a Level of Traffic Stress analysis to inform the final recommendations. In addition to conducting bicycle counts throughout the community, Alta conducted a statistically significant survey to determine the community’s needs and concerns surrounding bicycling. Alta compared the survey results with a concurrent Level of Traffic Stress analysis (a methodology built on research that assigns a bicycling level of stress based on variables in the street environment) to identify needed enhancements to serve people of all ages and abilities. Alta also organized and facilitated interactive community open houses and pop-up workshops to introduce the planning process to residents and solicit input on existing issues and opportunities.