Serving an eight-county region, ECWRPC coordinates with local communities, townships, and county agencies for technical assistance in land use and transportation planning.

Alta prepared a wayfinding plan for the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC).  To begin the design concept development process, Alta led a two-hour visual preference meeting whereby regional stakeholders voted on the sign materials, colors, and other factors to identify a regionally cohesive family of sign types based on local preferences. This allowed for each municipality or township to retain their local identify while sharing a regional theme. The final wayfinding sign family includes on-and off-street signage designs that emphasize modular construction. This allows for easy customization based on geographic location, trail name, and other distinguishing features. The wayfinding plan also outlines best practices in sign design and placement planning. Alta worked directly with ECWRPC to provide technical training of in-house staff for sign placement planning for four of the region’s trails. This approach made the best use of limited MPO funding and grew MPO staff experience creating wayfinding placement plans. Alta worked with ECWRPC to review placement plans as they were developed to provide quality control.