Alta provided assistance to community grassroots organization, Pacoima Beautiful, in developing design plans for reclaiming a street using LA DOT’s People Street pre-approved plaza “kit of parts.” The Kit of Parts contains packaged, preapproved design elements to simplify the design review process; allow individual neighborhood customization; and hasten installation.

This project closed a short street that connects the Van Nuys Boulevard transit corridor to a large, low-income housing development in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles. LADOT provided funding for the paint, barrier planters and signs, all “functional” parts of the design. Pacoima Beautiful funded the shortfall to cover the activation elements to purchase furniture, exercise equipment and planters by launching a Kickstarter campaign to finish the project.

People St is a program from the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation that empowers communities to transform underused areas of city streets. Community partners can apply to create new plazas or parklets. The application process expedites project development and implementation. Costs are shared between the city and an approved community partner. The streamlined process included open source documents so the program is easily replicable in other communities. The program solicits ideas from those who know the neighborhood best and transforms neighborhoods into places that balance the needs of all road users.