The primary goals of the plan are to improve quality of life, support economic development, and improve neighborhood access to parks, schools, and other daily destinations by walking and biking.

Cape Coral is the fifth largest city by land area in Florida and also the largest city by population in Lee County. It is also one of the most dangerous counties in Florida to walk and bike. As a bronze designated Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC), the City has made significant investments to expand their bikeway and walkway network, but it still has persistent safety issues, particularly along their major corridors. 50% of all crashes occur on 8% of the roadway network. The statistics for bicycle and pedestrian crashes are similar. Additionally, Cape Coral is a master-platted community with no sidewalks or bikeways built as part of the original subdivision of the city.

The master plan will help the City prioritize corridors for improvements by identifying needed projects and then ranking them based on a scoring criterion that addresses where people live, work, and play as well as public input and safety hot spots. The outcome of the project is a prioritized list of projects to guide implementation, design criteria to help City staff and community stakeholders develop project designs, and an action plan to achieve Silver BFC designation as well as apply for Walk-Friendly Community designation.