With data sets in the thousands from 23 locations, the key was to develop user-friendly graphics that presented useful information to the client, policy makers, and the lay public.

For the Massachusetts DOT and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Alta Planning + Design and Halvorson oversaw peak-level counts of pedestrians, runners, bicyclists, and skaters in the Charles River Basin over a five year period. Twice yearly data collected from 23 locations including paths, bridges, and key intersections showed that typically 16,000 non-motorized users utilized the path system or bridges during the two hour weekday peak (4:30-6:30 pm), while during the Saturday noon-2:00 pm periods, an average of over 14,000 were counted along the eight-mile long Basin.

Alta’s innovative maps, diagrams and final report helped “tell a story” about use patterns, mode split, rate of increase through time and connectivity opportunities and challenges along the Basin. The counts were done in conjunction with the Alta/Halvorson teams efforts developing pedestrian and bike facility recommendations as part of the concurrent Charles River Basin Connectivity Study.