On behalf of the City of Chicago, Alta created the “Chicago Go Programs,” a family of community-based campaigns aimed at helping residents walk, bike, and use transit more often.

The campaigns reached 40,000 households in five neighborhoods. Residents received information and support through direct mail, customized resources, community outreach, custom events, and ongoing communications.

The five programs served neighborhoods that were diverse in their geography, racial and ethnic makeup, and income levels. Recognizing that neighbors are the best messengers, Alta hired outreach ambassadors from each neighborhood to serve as the faces of the program. They conducted meaningful one-on-one outreach, planned hundreds of fun and engaging local events, and built local relationships with dozens of partner organizations.

In all five neighborhoods, a majority of participants reported that the Go Programs helped them feel more informed about their transportation options, more connected to the community, and more confident walking, biking, and taking transit.