Alta was selected to provide the Next Steps to the Denver Moves Plan 2011. The team assisted the City in creating a plan for enhanced on-street bicycle facilities (e.g., protected bike lanes, buffered lanes, and signalized or marked intersections) in downtown and throughout Denver. The overall goal of the project was to improve the city-wide bicycle network to be more attractive to cyclists of all ages and abilities.

While the Denver Moves Plan is a relatively new plan, it came at a time where the measure of a city’s commitment to improving condition for urban bicycling was changing rapidly. As such, the network recommendations contained within this plan did not include many protected facilities and the document recommended a number of corridors for further study. This Next Steps Plan is intended to pick up where the initial Denver Moves Plan left off and bring planning and some initial design with the intent of formalizing a network of low-stress, enhanced on-street bicycle facilities throughout the City and County with particular emphasis on Downtown

To further the goals set forth in the original plan, Alta:

  • Developed a detailed plan for a network of enhanced on-street bicycle facilities
  • Identified key corridors that link from adjacent neighborhoods to downtown or off-street trails
  • Established preliminary design standards for enhanced on-street bicycle facilities that incorporate the plan and complements the existing Denver Moves bicycle facility network