Alta led the development of a Planning for Bikeshare Tool for the Environmental Protection Agency to facilitate a community’s consideration of whether and how to establish a public bikeshare system.

This project was part of the EPA’s direct technical assistance program to provide communities with the tools they need to further development and tackle difficult policy issues. The tool consisted of a homework assignment and a series of calls to prepare for a two-day site visit that included a day-long stakeholder workshop, and a next steps memorandum.

The Planning for Bikeshare Tool was designed to help prepare the community to determine suitable scope, location, financing arrangements and general operational characteristics of a bikeshare system. This would allow the community, if it so choses, to take the next steps of seeking financing and then soliciting proposals for the establishment and management of the system. Alta delivered this new tool to five communities in its first year – New Orleans (LA), Fort Collins (CO), Denver (CO), Portland (ME), and Bridgeport (CT).