While there are many great services for Veterans in Southern Oregon, transportation to and from these services can be a major challenge. When Veterans lack transportation, or are unaware of the options available to them, it can limit employment opportunities, social interactions, and access to healthcare. The Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) recognized this, and with Alta's strategic support, implemented Go Vets, a three-month program developed by Veterans, for Veterans to lower the barriers to accessing transportation options.

One of the ways Alta supported the program was by working with RVTD to design a travel training brochure. The brochure helped Veterans understand how riding the bus can increase their independence and freedom; how RVTD’s Veteran travel training program can help them learn skills to overcome challenges to riding the bus; and what trip planning tools are available to them.

The team also created a custom map, showing bus and bike routes in the area. The map highlighted Veteran services in the area and provided a description and contact information for each service.

In addition to materials design and strategic advising, Alta supported the transit district with program evaluation. Survey results taken before and after the program indicated that Go Vets succeeded in helping Veterans get to medical appointments, work, and social opportunities. Furthermore, the survey of Veteran participants revealed a 39 percent decrease in missed medical appointments, a 26 percent decrease in missed work/employment programs, and a 41 percent decrease in missed social or recreational opportunities due to a lack of transportation.