Blue Zones Project Oregon hired Alta to design and prepare a grant application for SRTS roadway improvements that would dramatically improve accessibility and safety for students walking, biking, and rolling to Green Elementary school in Douglas County.

Carnes Road is the only access to Green Elementary for school buses and vehicles. High traffic volumes, fast speeds, undefined intersection crossings, and continuous driveway access – made worse by a lack of facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians – have long created safety concerns among the community for students walking and biking to and from school.

After conducting walk audits and engagement to understand the site, Alta recommended that the previously-planned bike lanes include a buffer, and for a high-visibility crossing be installed. Alta’s successful grant application helped fund this project. In total, built improvements include continuous sidewalks and buffered bike lanes on both sides of the roadway, a complete upgrade of the storm sewer system, and new pavement.

The project also led to the installation of a Rapid Flashing Pedestrian Beacon with safety island near Green Elementary, and increased visibility at school crossings at Del Mar Drive and Linnell Avenue through striping and school warning signs to better alert motorists driving through the school zone.