The Development Bureau of Hong Kong tasked AltaGO to study the feasibility of creating a continuous waterfront promenade that accommodates shared-use along its route. Alta evaluated alignment options, developing a standards and guidance manual for shared-use and generating a promenade brand identity for the project. The study also coordinated with several efforts currently underway including the Wan Chai and Oil Street Park, IEC Boardwalk, and IEC interchange.

Hong Kong Island is the densest population center per buildable land on the planet. With more the 40,000 residents per km, it is twice as dense as New York City or Paris. Bordered by steep mountains and the Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong has developed vertically for the last 50 years. With rising density, the demand for public open space has escalated. Currently, Hong Kong’s waterfront offers a series of public parks and open spaces, however, each space is separated and offers little connectivity.

Alta worked with Hong Kong’s Civil Engineering Department, Transportation Department and Leisure and Cultural Services Department as well as coordinating with the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance and the Harbour Loop Coalition to create a viable project for stakeholders. When completed, this report will become the standard for shared-use design in Hong Kong and will serve as a precedent for facility design in dense population centers across Asia. Draft guidance was delivered in August 2017 and final reports were issued in January 2019.