The Kimmswick Great Streets project provided the Mississippi River town of Kimmswick a historic opportunity to create a community-driven plan that leverages major new infrastructure investments.

These investments include development of a steamboat landing, port facilities, and a riverfront park by the Jefferson County Port Authority, as well as riverboat excursions on the historic Delta Queen steamboat from Kimmswick as their new port of call. Alta led an intensive planning process that helped the community determine how to best capitalize on these changes in ways that will foster and amplify economic vitality, as well as preserve and enhance quality of life in this unique, historic community.

Through Alta’s innovative and thoughtful stakeholder engagement process, a range of potential future scenarios were developed and tested with the community. This ultimately led to the emergence of a preferred concept with broad consensus around a comprehensive set of recommendations and strategies. These recommendations addressed a myriad of topics, including flood mitigation and green infrastructure, circulation and parking, Complete Street design, public space and placemaking, riverfront access, tourism and events management, business development, revenue enhancement, and multimodal connectivity. Alta’s solutions are helping to leverage strategic partnerships and funding opportunities that will position Kimmswick for immediate implementation on multiple fronts.