Kratzer Farm Park, a new farm park in the Township, will include community gardens, over 2 miles of walking paths, demonstration and interpretive areas, a preserved barn, riparian buffers, and a small fishing pond. The preservation of this open space as both a public space and a productive farm offers a truly unique experience for the community.

This is an in-progress master plan for a farm park for Lower Macungie Township in Eastern Pennsylvania to convert a 92-acre historic farm property into a park with passive recreation opportunities, a multi-use loop trail, and an active CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. This park serves a critical role in preserving local productive (greenfield) land in an area that is rapidly becoming developed. This park is designed to be the hub and centerpiece of the township’s greenway master plan with connections along its edges to greenways and local routes for multi-modal connection and access. The proposed 2-mile-long perimeter loop trail intersects and weaves together all of the diverse habitats and activity areas of the park.
The historic barn is a centerpiece for agricultural interpretive trails, gardens and interactive local food events to be held at the park. A historic iron mine pond, as well as a boardwalk trail along the stream, will provide ADA–accessible fishing opportunities. The existing community gardens are proposed to be expanded with the addition of a children’s garden and nature play area.