Alta led a study to determine the feasibility of a campus-wide bike share system within Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA.

Located in Redmond, WA, the Microsoft campus is one square mile and has a staff population of approximately 45,000. Many of these staff are highly mobile throughout their work day. Currently, a fleet of shuttles transports staff throughout the campus on-demand. Alta studied the feasibility of offsetting some of these shuttle trips with bike share trips, providing bike share connectivity to the City of Redmond, and bike facility improvements throughout the campus area.

Alta reviewed and reported on current bike share technologies and industry trends as they relate to a future system on the Microsoft campus. This included case studies of peer US bike share systems on similar campus foot-prints. Tasks included public outreach to raise awareness of bike share among the campus staff and expanding our team’s understanding of local opportunities and constraints.

Using Alta’s heat mapping tools, Alta determined an appropriate program size considering station density, geographic dispersal, and system requirements, as well as identify the number of stations, bikes, and docks for the system. To evaluate integration with existing transit and bike share as a new travel option for internal circulation, Alta identified potential demand scenarios based on local campus data and travel patterns.