The Ninth Street Bicycle Boulevard Extension is a multi-use path in Southwest Berkeley adjacent to the City of Emeryville. The City of Emeryville owns the southern portion of the block while the City of Berkeley owns the northern portion. Alta designed and implemented this bicycle route to link the City of Emeryville’s Doyle Street Greenway to the City of Berkeley’s 9th Street Bicycle Boulevard.

Alta worked with the City of Berkeley to design a safe and functional bicycle-pedestrian multi-use pathway that connects the Ninth Street Bicycle Boulevard to the south city limit, including mid-block crossings on city streets. This required coordination with utility companies and lighting, paving, curb and gutter, and ADA ramp design and construction. Landscape and stormwater planting was also included in the project. This pathway meets Caltrans approval, and attracts use and interest from local bicyclists and pedestrians, regional bicycle commuters, office and industrial workers from West Berkeley, as well as other groups seeking open space in West Berkeley, such as community gardeners, school children and shoppers.