Alta worked with the Municipality of Anchorage to develop a media and outreach campaign to rebuild ridership following the COVID-19 pandemic and promote frequent routes.

The campaign prioritized residents that live or work within one-quarter mile of a frequent service route, with a goal of increasing awareness of and ridership on the new frequent service transit routes. Participants received a free one-week People Mover transit pass; free transit passes have been shown to increase transit ridership and support habit formation.

Alta developed a custom look and feel that was clear and appealing, using local photos. Alta also created a messaging strategy focused on the convenience of frequent service routes, and showed how well they connected to popular destinations. The full graphic and design package included postcards, flyers, e-newsletters, social/digital assets, and other web graphics.

The campaign reached over 11,000 households through direct mail, engaged over 600 people through outreach, and earned more than 800,000 digital/social ad impressions. Among participant survey respondents, 88% used their free bus pass to ride one of the frequent routes, 80% have a more positive perception of transit, and more than 70% reported that they have a better understanding of where or how often the routes run.