Portland's updated citywide pedestrian master plan provides an uncompromising dedication to equity and safety. The plan sets itself apart because it is rooted firmly in a pedestrians-first modal hierarchy, and recommends bold policy actions and design decisions that support a pedestrians-first perspective. It reverses the status quo of auto-oriented street design, and the trend of inequitable investment.

Alta worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and City of Portland to develop PedPDX, Portland’s updated citywide pedestrian master plan. Alta developed project goals, objectives, and performance measures and analyzed existing conditions and pedestrian network needs. Based on robust analysis and input from the public, a Citizen Advisory Committee, and a Technical Advisory Committee, Alta developed a prioritization framework to guide investments over the next twenty years. This is coupled with an implementation “toolkit” of strategies and actions for addressing pedestrian network needs, including updated design standards, policy changes, and a phasing plan. The final plan is a forward-thinking, strategic set of policies, priorities, and actions for making all of Portland a safe and accessible place to walk.

In 2019, Portland earned a Platinum-level Walk Friendly Community distinction in recognition of their excellent plans and policies, engineering practices, and community-driven approaches to improving conditions for walking. PedPDX was listed as a reason for this honor.