Alta is partnering with ForeverGreen Trails to develop a health and economic benefits analysis for a proposed trail system that will connect Mt. Rainer National Park to the Seattle-Tacoma region. The Puyallup Watershed Initiative (PWI) is a consortium of over a hundred organizations dedicated to community and environmental health in the Puyallup Watershed stretching Mount Rainier National Park to Commencement Bay of the Puget Sound in Washington State.

The analysis will include health, environmental, access, equity, quality of life, property value, tourism, and transportation benefits and will be distilled into a compelling narrative with the goal of inspiring broad support for the trail throughout the community. Alta is also assisting the creation of a long-term bicycle and pedestrian count program along the trail corridor with the goal of showing the community real progress towards achieving the estimated benefits.

PWI consists of many “Communities of Interest (COI)” including active transportation, agriculture, biodiversity, education and social and environmental justice. Alta was selected to work with the active transportation COI to lead the development of a regional trail network, and evaluate the transportation and economic benefits of such a network. Alta facilitated the visioning session for the regional trail network, and was responsible for the production of the regional trail network map, the benefits analysis and drafting a highly graphic, visually attractive report for the group to use as trail development promotional material.