Alta was the prime consultant for the Walnut Creek Wetland Park in Raleigh. Alta conducted a situation assessment that included site analysis, community research and data collection, and public outreach.

The team also conducted stakeholder interviews to gather insight from individuals with a vested interest in the site and the immediate surrounding area. The public outreach portion of the project included a community input survey, assertive outreach, the creation of a citizen planning committee, presentation at two public meetings to inform the public about the master plan, and presentations of the situation assessment to: DRT, PRGAB, and Raleigh City Council. The project also included drone flight imagery to provide high resolution aerial imagery and topographic analysis of the park. An existing condition inventory was completed for this project and included a field inventory, preliminary wetland delineation, and flora and fauna characterization, all of which were used for master planning, detailed design, and later implementation.

The final park master plan consisted of a rendered site plan, interpretive areas and potential boardwalk locations, park enhancement features, such as gateways, signage, schematic location of bridge crossings, spurs, or connections that provide access to adjacent bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The plan also included environmental components like definition of invasive species management areas, habitat restoration/native landscape areas, and stream buffer locations and enhancement areas.